Slidin’ in the City


“That’s an ‘ealth n safety nightmare” is something we hear far too often these days. It seems like since the days of my childhood the true meaning of fun and adventure has been lost somewhat. Luckily the mayor of Bristol seems to retain some of playfulness that I miss. I don’t know any city in the UK that would close one of it’s major high streets all in the name of a bit of fun.
This is exactly what happened in Bristol a few weekends ago…

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A London weekender!

Having spent this year firmly rooted in the UK (with the odd trip to the Channel Islands of course!) it’s time I wrote a post about my home travels. As I decided not to go home for Easter, I realised this would mean not seeing my parents for quite a while. Now, with me in Bristol, my sister in Cambridge and my parents in Norfolk, London is the perfect midway place for us to meet. We set a date and were reunited at my auntie’s flat in Kensington on Saturday.


The canal


Portobello Road Market







Prior to this, my sister, her boyfriend and I had had a wander around Portobello Road market. It was lovely to amble slowly around and discover the wonderful street-foods and eclectic mix of antiques. An expensive area if you want to sit down for a drink, but the market is marvellous. Be prepared for a busy road packed with tourists. It’s totally worth it though for some of the delicious treats on offer! Β  Β Β  Continue reading

Long time no blog

Hey blog, sorry for the neglect.

I will try to remember to update the last tiny bits of my time abroad in Paris when I have the time. 4th Year at university has just been way too busy! It’s been a constant go-go-go since I got back. I was just tidying up my blog and saw that I started a journal blog as an (unassessed) assessment of my year abroad. Obviously due to its unassessed nature, I did not complete it, but I made some pretty interesting vocabulary lists from my Year Abroad.Β I find that by writing down vocabulary, it remains much clearer in my mind and I am more likely to use it again in the future. It’s also pretty cool to read through and remember what I was doing that made me learn new words! (ie. A lot of zoo vocabulary from the beginning in Germany!)

I’ll pop them here so that I can delete the rest of that blog (mostly emptiness).

NOTE: This is more for myself to reminisce and learn, but have a scroll through if you’re interested!

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Fellow Jetsetters

Below is a list of links to Year Abroad blogs of friends either from Bristol University, from home, or who I met on my travels.

Check out their blogs for great year abroad travel tips!

Dan Walker, German and Maths at the University of Exeter

Jo Iliff, French and German at the University of Bristol

Louise Sellars, French and Italian at the University of Bristol

Lucy Fowler, French and German at the University of Bristol

Rosie Preston, German at the University of Warwick

Shane Richards, German at Swansea University

Alex Longley, French at the University of Bristol

David Taylor, German at the University of Warwick

Lucianna Harrison, German and History at the University of Exeter